We have a refunds policy due to the financial commitment we must make to meeting venues, catering requirements and card transaction fees. This policy applies to meeting and dinner bookings.

Period before meeting commencesAmount of your payment refunded
Greater than 28 days 98%, minimum £3
14-28 days48%, minimum £3
13 days or fewerNo refund

This page is a secure area. None of your credit card details are recorded on the SASWR server. The credit card transaction is handled by an external company called Stripe, here is their privacy policy. Your personal details are held securely on the SASWR website. They are used to make arrangements for the meeting and are deleted from the server after the event. We may need to contact you by email or post prior to the meeting. We will never share them with any external bodies. If you wish to view the records we hold about you please email admin@saswr.org

The whole SASWR website is secured by https protocol providing encryption of your details in transit to us. You can see this in the web address (URL). Some browsers might report this page as non-secure despite our best efforts. If you remain concerned please contact our administrator to book your meeting.