See the journal archive for electronic back-issues of Points West.

SASWR publishes its own journal – Anaesthesia Points West – twice a year to coincide with the scientific meetings. All members are invited to contribute original articles, news items, reviews, and obituaries. The editor will be happy to discuss any submissions. Contributors are encouraged to submit articles as early as possible before Publication to allow review and editing.

All articles should be sent by email to the editor . Scientific articles should be prepared in accordance with uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals, for example the BMJ They must be accompanied by a letter requesting publication and signed by all authors. Please ensure that references are complete and correctly punctuated in the required style. The approved abbreviations will be used for journal titles. Photographs should be sent as separate attachments. The deadline for submissions is usually 10 weeks before the meeting of the society.

If an article has been previously published elsewhere, permission to use the material should be sought from the editors of that journal before submission to Anaesthesia Points West. Submissions will be acknowledged on receipt and notice of acceptance/rejection/need for corrections will be sent as promptly as possible.